Short Term Homes - What Is A Short Term Rental Apartment
In today’s day and age, there is much room for flexibility, ease, and comfort in many things. With the world experiencing a surge in modernization more so now than what we have witnessed in the past, it is not surprising that these qualities are also being adapted even to the more important aspects of our living: shelter. A trend on the rise, short term rentals of apartments are becoming the next big thing when it comes to finding a place to stay. But what is it, really, and when did it all start?

Short term rentals, as the name suggests, are places the people usually opt for when they are looking for alternative places to stay in for only a brief period of time. Also known as ‘short stay’ apartments as coined in the early parts of 2000s, these are, for the most part, fully furnished apartments that can be found in the city as a cheaper option aside from hotels. Most people today are choosing to rent these places because of the comfort it provides, and the certain sense of security that only a home can give. As the corporate housing market’s offshoot, it is popular among travelers, businessmen on short trips, and for relocation.

For a steady while now, short term rental apartments are being booked by various backpackers, exchange students, even families that are in need of a temporary home while finding or fixing a house. At an affordable cost, these apartments can be 50% cheaper than hotels for month long stays. At a fixed price, most owners rent out their places without charging the electricity, water, and maintenance bills.

2 Bedroom Apartment In Waterloo | National Theatre | Southbank – BH2450
2 Bedroom Apartment In Waterloo | National Theatre | Southbank – BH2450

Renting such can also prove to be more flexible, with some places charging with a nightly, weekly, or monthly basis options. Primarily, charges can only differ if there are seasons where holidays, or sports events are held within the city. Most of these places are a few blocks, or minutes, away from such destinations and festivities.

Aside from the comfort and security, short term rental apartments can also be more flexible to the tenants in various ways. It allows you to have your own state of privacy, the freedom of inviting friends over, and sometimes even allowing your pets to stay. It is also advantageous in a way that you are only responsible for it for the duration of the time period that you need it, meaning contracts are more negotiable than your standard hotel accommodations. And with all the amenities usually found in the comfort of one’s home like a kitchen, entertainment sets, and several rooms, these places can truly be considered your second home.

In a fast paced world where everything is moving and changing at constant speed, one can be sure to find comfort in short term rental apartments than those of hotels, and it can save you more money too. Find your home away from home now, and book your chance at a more secure, comfy, and lovely stay.

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