We bring you a list of top smart phone apps that can save you cash on everyday living while travelling in London. We have also included the download links for each one of them. So, download them now and have a great time travelling in London with us.

YPLAN is one amazing app that can help you decide what to do tonight, when in London. With this app you can get the details for up to 10 events that are happening tonight, along with all available special deals and the best  possible discounts. The app also handles your booking in a few clicks and get you the e-tickets. It can even be linked to your social streams so as to be able to share and invite your friends if you want to. Download it for iPhone and Android.

CITYMAPPER is an app that plans routes unlike any other app out there. You not only get the best route but also the expected fares for your journey using Tube, taxi, or bus. And, if you’re on foot, it can also tell you the calories you can burn by going from point A to B. It can even show you the best combinations of transport that you can take with clear maps and instructions for the different options. What we liked the most is its inbuilt ‘Get Me Home‘ tool that helps you find the best route back with just one click. Download it for Android and iPhone.

KABBEE offers a price comparison tool in which you just have to enter the origin and destination of your journey and the app will get you the best quotes from more than 60 minicab providers, it is now that simple to get a cheaper cab ride in London. Free for iPhone and Android users.

A free app from Mastercard, ATM HUNTER is a great tool for finding the nearest free cashpoint and can save you upwards of £1 or more that the private ATMs charge per transaction when taking out. So, no more spending more to take out your own money. The app is available at no cost for iPhone, Android and BlackBerry users.

Many of the Tube users are unaware that they are liable to get a full refund if their journey is delayed by more than 15 minutes, which for that matter happens all the time. However, now travellers can claim their refund by tapping TUBETAP before beginning and after ending every journey, and the app will work out whether the tube was on time or not, before filing in the paperwork for the refund you deserve automatically. Users can get it on their iPhone.

Eating out in any city is a pretty expensive affair, especially London. However this is where TOPTABLE comes to your rescue; the app not only handles reservations for the top eateries and restaurants of London but also provides discounts for over 4000 such establishments making it a sweet deal of an app to have. Get the free web app at m.toptable.co.uk.

ONAVO is an app that can be helpful in controlling and reducing your data usage when on the move. What it does best is to use only the mobile phone network to compress the data before it gets downloaded and hence resulting in a slashed data usage by up to 80%. It then complies what has been saved for you into a colorful report helping you identify the bandwidth hogs. Download it for both iPhone and Android.

Orange provides you exclusive deals so as to help you come out of the shock of being charged for calling 0800 numbers that you had thought were absolutely free and it does this with its pizza and 2-for-1 movie discounts on every Wednesday. ORANGE WEDNESDAYS app is free for iPhone, Android and Blackberry.

QUIDCO offers cashback on purchases made at all major retailers such as Argos, Debenhams and Next. Actually, what Quidco does is that it passes on its commission from these stores to you. All that you pay to Quidco is the first £5 of your cashback in the form of an annual membership charge and after that this app is just savings for you, through check-in deals, voucher codes, cashback offers etc. Free for iPhone and Android.

REDLASER is a great app. You can use it to scan the barcode of any store item through your smart phone camera and it will get you the latest prices from all across the internet to confirm whether you are about to pay more. No more worries of being ripped off by a sneaky store. Free for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone.

TICKETYSPLIT is one of our favorites as what it does is simply amazing. This app looks for ‘split’ tickets in advance and ensures impressive savings for you over buying one single ticket for your entire journey. Surprised? Well, that’s the truth, a ticket for the entire journey is not always cheaper than the split tickets – a concept that had us wondering too for sometime on how did we miss this. Anyway, now you can save a lot by using this app to book your railway tickets, get your copy of the free web app here.

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