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By now, we have already heard of London being one of the world’s greatest cities for art and history appreciation, both for casual onlookers and enthusiasts alike. Now, it is time to talk about the Big Smoke’s biggest, most famous attractions in the city. Whether you’re a guest in the city, or a local living in the area, you are sure to enjoy yourself with these sights of the city as each visit is a different experience. Here are the top five tourist destinations in London for travelers.

The British Museum

Displaying one of the world’s biggest, finest, and most extensive collections, the British Museum houses approximately 13 million artifacts. Collected from various parts of the world, from ancient China to medieval Europe, from Babylonia to Assyria, most of the items under their care are priceless, if not rare. However, people often visit the British Museum for its famous displays like the Rosetta Stone, the Parthenon’s Elgin Marbles, and Egyptian mummies, among other antiquities. Read more: London on a Budget: Free Museum Attractions

London Bridge - Top 5 Biggest Attractions in London - Short Term Homes
The Tower Bridge

The Tower of London and Tower Bridge

Having been a prison, a palace, a zoo, and a treasure vault, the Tower of London is one of the few structures to survive and witness the evolution of the city, from the ground up. It was used differently throughout different parts of history, which tells us the many stories it has in store for us. Exhibits like the Line of Kings, the Crown Jewels, and the gruesome displays about various in-ground executions can make a tour of this place memorable. Adjacent to it is the Tower Bridge, one of London’s most iconic markers.

Big Ben and the Parliament

If you are a London local, then you know that Whitehall Road is synonymous with the British government. However, if you are a traveler, then you know it because of another London destination: the site of the Big Ben. Below this enormous clock tower are the Houses of the Parliament, which was the British seat of government power for years. Nothing says London than traveling to see the Big Ben and admiring the classic architecture of the Houses.

The Big Ben in London -Top 5 Biggest Attractions in London - Short Term Homes
The Big Ben in London

Westminster Abbey

Now a famous location for Royal Weddings, Westminster Abbey used to be a site for sovereign royalty crowning, and also a burial place. It is officially known as the Collegiate Church of St. Peter in Westminster, founded in 1065 by Edward the Confessor to serve as his final resting place. Another location as iconic as the Tower Bridge, and synonymous to the British Crown.

The Royal Guard of Buckingham Palace in London - The Big Ben in London -Top 5 Biggest Attractions in London - Short Term Homes
The Royal Guard of Buckingham Palace in London

Buckingham Palace

Originally built in 1703 as the Duke of Buckingham’s townhouse, King George III acquired it in 1761 for Queen Charlotte.  When Queen Victoria’s accession to the throne in 1837, it became the Royal Family’s residence. Today, it is known as the seat of the Queen’s seat, and can visitors can be toured to its areas like the Queen’s Gallery, the Royal Mews, and the State Rooms. The Changing of the Guards is also a sight to behold for first time travelers to the area.

These are the best tourist destinations for travelers and visitors in London. If you are looking to experience that great sights and scenery London has to offer, then book an apartment now and march your way to the Big Smoke!

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