Pick or Pass - The 221B Baker Street Apartment of Sherlock Holmes

You know the street, you know the flat, and you know the man. The books, the movies, the cable TV series, they all tell the same story: the journey of our misunderstood hero for the truth and redemption. Sherlock Holmes is one of the greatest literary characters in man’s history, from then and up to now. But when he is not walking the streets of London looking for clues, or just casually strolling with Watson, the 221B Baker Street Apartment is home to him. But have you ever wondered what it would be like to actually live there?

Pick or Pass - The 221B Baker Street Apartment of Sherlock Holmes
A sample floor plan of 221B Baker Street Apartment, from Sherlockology.com

Based on its appearances in the TV show starring Benjamin Cumberbatch, the apartment is a spacious one bedroom flat on the second floor of the building. It has a sizable living room where Sherlock talks to clients, receives his guests, and sometimes doubles as a shooting range for our beloved Consulting Detective. The kitchen and the dining area are one and the same, and it is big enough for Sherlock to convert it to a chemistry lab once in a while. After walking a short hall way, you will enter his bedroom. If we are talking storage, then his room is more than enough for the placement of his various working equipment and other items such as clothes.

The apartment has wooden flooring, great spacing, and has a functioning fireplace for those cold winter nights. We should also note the location of the said flat. 221B Baker Street is in Central London, one of the busiest, if not the most, parts of the city. Being one of London’s major centers, the area contains some of the most important business establishments in the city. Because of its strategic placing in the city, rents are usually higher here than in other places. Being in Baker Street also allows you easier access to amazing places and destinations like Madam Tussauds Waxworks, The Wallace Collection, and a number of parks at your dispense.

Pick or Pass - The 221B Baker Street Apartment of Sherlock Holmes
Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman as Sherlock Holmes and John Watson on the TV Series Sherlock.

Considering all these factors, the 221B Baker Street would probably cost you roughly £2500– £3000 per month. But hey, at least your landlord, Mrs. Hudson, is sure to look after you.

In the real world, however, living in the real 221B Baker Street would be hard. Why? Because the actual address is a Sherlock Holmes-inspired museum. It is privately run and owned, by the non-profit organization Sherlock Holmes Society of England. It is highly unlikely that it would be sold or rented too, being an integral part of the location, knowing that it serves as a tourist destination from fans around the world.

So basically, the 221B Apartment a spacious flat complete with a fireplace, as functioning kitchen, and working utilities. It is also greatly located in the heart of the city and is near local amenities. Is it a pick, for the price of £2500 per calendar month? Elementary, my dear reader.

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