Pick Or Pass - Ted Mosby's Apartment How I Met Your Mother

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in New York? How about living there with a bunch of friends, just hanging out in your apartment watching Star Wars, playing Guitar Hero, or maybe engaging each other in the occasional sword fight? Well that was how Ted Mosby and the rest of the gang spent most of their free time, whenever they are not busy finding the best burger in New York, watching bouts between robots and professional wrestlers, or drinking in their favorite pub, MacLaren’s. It sure was fun watching them do spend all those crazy nights and awesome days.

As cited in various episodes, The Apartment is located at Manhattan, New York’s Upper Westside. This means that they are in a place where parks, business establishments, and the whole city experience is just a quick cab drive away.  It is close to a subway where the 1 Train is, in 86th Street and Broadway, which gives them easy transportation access, aside from the cabs and buses that pass through their street. It is a 2-bedroom, 1-bathroom apartment with a spacious living room and a functioning kitchen. If you are able to place a piano, a telephone booth, and a couch in a living room where you can also work, and play with swords, then that is indeed a sizable area.

Pick Or Pass - Ted Mosby's Apartment - Sword Fight
Snapshot of the famous sword fight from How I Met Your Mother Season 1 Episode 8

But what would it cost to actually live there? Well, according to extensive research done by the New York Post regarding its location, it is estimated that the rent there would cost you a whopping $3000 per month. As mentioned in the show, the apartment is rent-controlled, so you would not have to worry there. But according to some fans that are actually living near the said address in the show, it would actually cost you $4000, maybe even more. Considering its location in one of the busiest cities in the world, it would actually come with no surprise that such a beautiful place would cost you that much. If you are a couple, however, it would mean less privacy. And if you are to live alone, you have to be great at a high-paying job in order to keep up with the bills.

Pick Or Pass - Ted Mosby's Apartment Floor Plan
Floor plan of Ted Mosby’s apartment by Homebyme

All in all, it is very enticing to live in such a cozy apartment. They have access to the rooftop, they live with nice and generally quite neighbors, and the place is near their offices. It is a very wise decision that they decided to split the bill with a roommate in order to cover the rent, and that would be our advice to you to if you ever decide on living there.

The best thing about it? They live above a pub. That’s worth every penny, right there. Definitely a pick!

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