Medium and Short Term Stays

What is a medium term stay?

A medium term stay is anything over 3 weeks and up to 6 months and it suits visitors such as professionals on temporary and contractual jobs, students attending a short course,etc.
If you are looking for a medium term stay

What is a short term stay?

A short term stay usually ranges from a week to three weeks and suits both tourists and business visitors who are in town to explore the city or for corporate meetings / official purposes.

If you are looking for a short term stay Who needs a place to live for the medium and short term?

The increasing need for medium and short term accommodation can be attributed to today’s modern world of study and work, from attending a course, new job to working on a temporary contract one needs an accommodation that is more than the conventional hotels.

A few examples of guests who are in the market for medium and short term stays are:

Study abroad program participants
Short course students
Executive students
Language course students
Work placement candidates
Company executives & employees
Multiple-city-dwelling young professionals etc.
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