A Beginner’s Guide for Central London - Short Term Homes

Whether you are looking to visit London to relax and unwind, or maybe to attend a business conference and meet colleagues, one should get to know the Big Smoke in order to fully experience what it has to offer. The London adventure is different for everybody, and one would have the best possible time by learning about its nature and story, as it is a vast area surrounded by history, art, and numerous centers and businesses. Today, we are going to focus on telling the Central London story.

Central London is the innermost part of the city. It is comprised with the following areas and metropolitan boroughs, namely Bethnal Garden, Finsbury, Shoreditch, Holborn, Stepney, Southwark, Bermondsey, Westminster, and St. Marylebone. Being the beating heart of the whole city, the commercial part of London is focused here.

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The built environment of Central London is characterized as high, having many of the offices and headquarters of multiple trade and entrepreneurial firms and associations, as well as social service entities, unions, and a number of shopping centers alongside entertainment hot spots, all of which are attracting people from all over the city to come from time to time. Because of this, the concentration of both nationally and internationally significant groups and their facilities are focused more here. Because of its location, the land value here is quite higher than in any other places.

A Beginner’s Guide for Central London - Map of Central London - Short Term Homes
Map of Central London

Central London’s rateable value, or commonly known as tax, in the area is considerably high too, which is why some items and fees come with a higher price. Travelers should take note of that in order to establish a realistic budget of allowance and expenses. Daytime traffic should also be considered in traveling here, because as we have established, it attracts people from different parts of the city with its facilities. Despite the traffic, however, traveling is made easier if one should familiarizes himself with the various transportation options like the underground tubes, the trains, busses, taxis. There are bike rentals around too, if you want to take an approach with your own pace. Read More: London on a Budget: Free Museum Attractions

Traveling to Central London can be quite costly for the average traveler, so it is advised to most to go for a short term rental apartment instead of booking a hotel room. It is cheaper, more intimate, and because most of this spaces are fully furnished, you are able to feel more at home here than in a standard hotel room accommodation. In a short term let, you are also able to fully experience how it is to live like a London local because it is closer to local amenities.

A Beginner’s Guide for Central London -Attractions - Short Term Homes
London Eye, British Museum, Tate Modern, St. Paul’s Cathedral

Renting a space in Central London, you are closer to tourist destinations. If you are a bit of a history buff, you will love the performances at the London Dungeon, the magnificent collection of the British Museum, and the tours at the Buckingham Palace. The art enthusiast in you will also find a visit to Tate Modern, the National Gallery, and St. Paul’s Cathedral quite satisfying. Other attractions include the London Eye, Westminster Abbey, and the London Bridge. A trip to the Borough Market caps off the travel guide for you.

This is Central London in a nutshell. It is where the sounds, lights, and sights are. If you are up to its challenge, then what are you waiting for? Book yourself a short term let now and take a grand tour of the world’s finest!

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