London on a Budget - Free Museum Attraction

As one of the most globally renowned cultural capitals, the Big Smoke celebrates the world’s heritage and history through its many museums. And for the budget-savvy traveler, this is good news. Since the early 2000s, state museums in London are entrance fee-free, which means they are always there for your pleasure and convenience. If you are visiting London and would want to bask in all its cultural glory, then here are five of the best London museums that you can visit for free!

Natural History Museum

True to its name, this museum holds over 75 million items and objects integral to the earth sciences and biology. It collections are divided in five categories, namely Zoology, Taxonomy, Paleontology, Mineralogy, and Entomology. Famous for its iconic display of dinosaur skeletons, it holds specimens from numerous explorers and scientists, including some from the famous Charles Darwin. It is one of the best natural history museums in the world.

London on a Budget - Free Museum Attraction - National History Museum
The National History Museum

British Museum

Located in London’s Bloomsbury part, this museum details the story of man, from the beginning to the present, through its collection that spans approximately 8 million items, permanently displayed for the public. What started off as a museum based mostly on the collection of Sir Hans Sloane, a noted physician and scientist of his time, became one of the world’s most important and extensive collection. It contains a number of objects and artifacts from every continent of the world.

Science Museum

London on a Budget - Free Museum Attraction - Science Museum
‘Inside Things Zone’, Things Gallery, Science Museum, London, 1995.

If you are fascinated by all things related to science and technology, then this is the right spot in London for you. Enjoy the various historically important collections that includes the world’s few remaining steam engines, the oldest amongst the remaining steam locomotives Puffing Billy, and a prototype of the Clock of the Long Now. Collecting over 300,000 items, this is one of the city’s main attractions as it is visited by millions every year.

V&A Museum of Childhood

Founded in 1872 with the name Bernthal Green Museum, it began to cater to the younger audience in 1920. Some of its former items are now housed in the Wallace Collection. In 1974, then V&A Director Sir Roy Strong defined it as a museum which specializes in childhood. It has a vast collection of childhood equipment, costumes, toys and other mementos from different eras and generations.

Imperial War Museum

London on a Budget - Free Museum Attraction - Imperial War Museum
Imperial War Museum in London

If you are looking to see history in the eyes of the soldiers, then the Imperial War Museum might interest you. Founded in 1917, it created to record the war efforts of the armies belonging to the British Empire, and the events that transpired which shaped the Empire’s history. It houses objects of film, photography, and important documents, just as it displays the work of various artists like Nash, Sargent, and Lewis, among others.

These are just some of the museums that London has in store for you. They are easily accessible to you, and are definitely budget-friendly. So if you are up for some museum hopping in one of the best cities in the world, then dust off your walking shoes now and book your way into an adventure through history!

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