Featured Apartment: 1 or 2 Bedroom Apartment on City Road - Short Term Homes

Today in Featured Apartments, we will talk about the 1 or 2 Bedroom City Road Apartment from our friends at Boateng Homes.

If you are a fan of majestic architectures, this is a treat for you because the apartment is in a magnificent Georgian building. It speaks of artistic class and elegance, with just its location. It is a split level medium let that is not light on features. It is newly refurbished space with modern design and sensibilities. The double bedroom is newly carpeted, painted, and is quite spacious in comparison to others. It has a fully functioning kitchen, as well as excellent utilities. The bathroom is designed in contemporary fashion as well. Most of all, it has a bright and newly decorated reception room, styled for your own pleasure and comfort, as well as your company’s. Oh, and did we mention the alluring garden that will be made available to you as well?

Featured Apartment: 1 or 2 Bedroom Apartment on City Road - Short Term Homes
1 or 2 Bedroom Apartment on City Road | London | BH1090

One of its advantages is in its location. With the apartment being on the historical City Road, it is quite easy to travel from here. The abundance of transportation in here is better than most in the city, and the traffic is significantly lighter. By renting it, you will also be closer to the stations in Angel, Old Street, and Kings Cross. Barbican, Highbury & Islington, and Canonbury will be easily accessible for you too. In terms of local amenities, the area is surrounded by various leisure spots, parks, and the Royal Free Hospital as well.

Being in Angel, being identified by the London Plan as one of the city’s best, is quite the experience as well. You are in one of the Big Smoke’s major centers, specializing in lifestyle. It is a town center, also at times called a high street, where the adventure happens mostly. It can be very busy with all the retail shops and stores around you, while still having the quiet balance of the various art galleries near you like the Guild Hall Art Gallery, the exhibits of the Contemporary Art Society, and the Charles Dickens Museum. One of the city’s top attractions, the nightlife, will also be easily available to you from Angel Area. This place will be sure to entertain you in many ways more than one.

And with all these amazing features, advantages, and offerings, this beautiful apartment will be available for only £3,400 per month. And it will be worth every penny of it with all the fun walks and adventures you will have. So what are you waiting for? Dust off your travelling bags now and book your way into the perfect London experience!

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