Renting A Long Stay Serviced Apartment - Short Term Homes

The movies make living in London so enticing. The way the city lights up even at night, how fast it moves, the sights to see, these things and more are what makes the Big Smoke living worthwhile. But if one is to prepare for living in London for quite a while, just what does one have to consider? Here are some factors to keep in your mind as you prepare to live like a true London local in a long stay serviced apartment.


First of all, you need to find a long term rental that is within your monthly rental allocation. Don’t just take the first apartment that you see, examine the numbers and see if you can afford this one a monthly basis, for the duration of your stay. A realistic forecast of cash flow can help you in choosing the right long term let for you.

Renting A Long Stay Serviced Apartment - Short Term Homes
Check the schedule for Leicester Square Underground Station London here


Are busses easily available to you from where you are staying? Do you have the option to walk a few steps to take the tube lines? Since you will be staying in the city for quite a long time, it is quite important to know if you can travel from one place to another and the many minutes it can take. Knowing your way around the city by foot will also be a useful skill.


Since London is one of the globe’s major cities, it should come to no surprise that certain things can be a little more expensive here than in other places. Gym membership, groceries, and petrol can be quite pricey here. But if you have the money to spare, you are in luck because there are a couple of city centers scattered in the area specializing in retail and entertainment. The London night life and socializing areas are one of the world’s best.

2 Bedroom Apartment | Leicester Square & Covent Garden | BH9876 - Short Term Homes
2 Bedroom Apartment at the Gloucester Mansions near Leicester Square and Covent Garden


Do you have a need to be nearer to the heart of the city? Do you want to live near certain boroughs or establishments? Location is one of the things to consider in moving to London. What is your purpose of staying? Do you need some peace and quiet, a daily walk to the galleries, or an easier access to the offices? Do you need to be near parks and the marketplace? As London is a pretty big city, plan your stay in accordance to your daily needs and access to it.

All in all, these are the top things to consider if you are moving to London. London is different for everyone. To some it is their peace of heaven, their cup of tea. To some it is a concrete jungle where one goes to build their lives. It is only essential to be guided by a few matters before committing to such a big decision in the Big Smoke. So what are you waiting for? Book great and affordable long term lets in London now, and start your London experience today!

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